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Suggestion to create jobs and beautify Australia

Dear Politicians in Australia

Certainly one of the most ugly things about urban Australia is our overhead power lines

This is rampant short-cutting at the expense of our Environment

I believe power companies should be held accountable for creating the ugly mess, in light of the aesthetic damage they have caused they should be required to divert a percentage of their earnings into moving power lines underground, this would create jobs, beautify our streets, reduce EMF pollution, save birds and wildlife, help prevent bush fire and power outages due to weather events, not to mention safety!

Undergrounding power lines may decrease the operational cost over the lifetime of the cables as the metals and materials are not so exposed to damage from elements

Image of Power lines in Australia thanks to Bidgee (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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Australia Eco Green Article: 161227162150  Updated: 28 Dec 2016

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